Interst-free loans for your business.
  • Interest-free
    WEIpartner provides 0% loans for your business. To repay the loan you just need to add WEI as one of the payment form in your point of sale.
  • Sharing risks
    WEIpartner wouldn't recover any damages from you in case of your business bankruptcy, as the main idea of the loan is to create a WEI accepting network of merchants.
  • Easy ways to request the loan
    To get the loan you just need to make a request on weivoting.com in a special WEIpartner page and pay a refundable 30% deposit.
  • Flexible payment rate
    The payment rate is set by yourself and withdrawn automatically from your loan address.
  • Register your company in WEIpay 
    Go to the Web or the App version of the wallet and register your company through the form. Use your WEIpay wallets to login to WEIpay business and WEIpartner as an organization.
  • Prepare whole documents about your project
    Prepare a full package of documents so that masternodes can evaluate your project.
  • Go to weivoting.com
    Before you will create a proposal make sure that you have sent 30% of the requested amount to WEIpartner Fund. The deposit will be refunded in case of loan rejected by the result of masternode voting.
  • Get approval or rejection
    Wait till the end of the voting and get your loan.