An innovative payment system for you and your business.

Meet your benefits with WEIpay wallets

  • Easy ways to transfer WEI
    Transfer funds to your family or friends, not only by entering a wallet number or scanning a QR code, but also by a phone number or by attaching your device to the NFC tag.
  • Earn by making purchases
    Earn up to 2% from the transaction amount by making purchases in WEIcrypto network partners. 
  • Transaction speed
    Make instant transactions all around the world. WEI payment takes no more than a few seconds to confirm the transfer.
  • Decentralized storage
    No one but you have an access to your wallet. Only you are responsible for your funds secure.

How to start?

  • Download the app
    Download the app to your iOS or Android device by using the following buttons.
  • Choose the account type and follow the inner instructions
    Choose which account type you would like to create: individual or company. An individual account is for everyday private using. With company account you will be able to get a loan in WEIpartner loan service. 
  • Take care about security
    Write down on a piece of paper login details of your company account and unique 12 words of individual account, for security reasons - store them out of the computer. Note for individual account owners: we can't help you with your waller recovery in case you lost your 12 secret words, as we don't store them.   
  • Send and Get WEI
    Use "Send" and "Get" buttons to make transactions with WEI.
  • How to use WEIpay?

Meet your benefits with WEIpay Business

  • Free usage 
    We don't charge you any fees or payments. Our payment system is totally free. 
  • Payment in 5+ currencies
    Set the item amount in fiat currencies and accept payment in fiat, but in WEI equivalent.
  • Up to 2% profit from each transaction
    Using WEIpay Business you will get 2% reward from each sale at your store immediately.
  • Add your country currency or other crypto
    Contact us if you want to add your fiat currency or other crypto in WEIpay Business and we will do it within 5 working days.
  • Multiple business connection
    Connect up to 10 of your points of sale to one account. 
  • Easy start
    To start using WEIpay you just need to register your organization on our platform. Then WEIpay Business will be available to accept payments in 24 hours. 
  • Instant transactions
    Transactions in WEI currency take no more than a few seconds.
  • Support 24/7
    Our support will help you immediately once we receive your request with a question or an issue during WEIpay Business using.

How to start?

  • Sign in WEIpay Business
    Open the WEIpay Business platforms by using to following button "Go to WEIpay Business" and sign in with a special form behind the "sign in" button on the website. 
  • Verify your company details
    Fill in your company details in the special form and wait about 24 hours for approval. Note: you must provide only correct information. Filling in fake company details will lead to account blocking. 
  • Choose the payment tools
    After account approval you will be able to use WEIpay Business payment tools: simple payment and donation buttons for your website, hosted catalog, if you would like to create items list in WEIpay Business with their prices, and email billing for accepting WEI through email invoices. 
  • Receive the reward
    With WEIpay Business you will receive up to 2% additional reward from each transaction to your merchant account automatically and immediately by WEIback service. 
  • How to use WEIpay Business?